About Bilingualize

Bilingualize is the only English+ ∞ online job search that is tailored to bilingual candidates.

More Than Customer Service!

More Than Customer Service!

Bilingualize offers a platform for bilingual professionals, recruiters and hiring managers to meet. Whether you are a Bilingual Customer Service Representative or a Bilingual Business Analyst, this site is for you.

Hiring Made Simple – Without The Sales Pitch!

As we know, hiring the perfect bilingual candidate can be a challenge. Therefore, new candidates are pre-screened at the registration level. They will soon be able to record a short voice introduction in their second language in addition to their bilingual résumés.


Candidates must be bilingual in English+ X (English plus any other language) to fully enjoy the services offered on the site. Employers must be able to speak and write English in order to fully enjoy the services offered