Is My Occupation Regulated In Canada?

Credentials validation should be at the top of the to-do list for anyone wishing to immigrate to Canada. Being bilingual in both official languages- French and English- will not guarantee you that registered nurse position. Before you take the leap, validating your credentials and getting recognized is essential if you want to work in your field in Canada.


The Road To Accreditation

First you need to determine if your occupation is “REGULATED” or “NON-REGULATED”

A regulated occupation requires special licenses or certification in addition to your international qualifications. Whereas a non- regulated occupation does not require special licenses or certification. However an employer might request that you get your credentials assessed. According the Job Bank, about 20% of jobs in Canada require you to have a license before you can begin work for public safety.


Find Out If Your Occupation Is Regulated In Canada
Click here: Here
Enter your occupation and the location where you want to work
Click on “Search”
Click on “Education & Job Requirement “
Click on the province or the city until you see
Regulated or Non- regulated in red



Credential assessments are usually completed by a regulatory body. According to Job bank , if your occupation is regulated it is important to know:

What license is needed
How long it takes to get a license
How much it costs to get a license
If the licensing process can start overseas
If there are bridging or specialized training programs available.

Below are a few additional resources to assist you in your journey.


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